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Stay Organized: Local Storage and Back To School Tips

The back to school season has returned, along with your busy schedule. In what way can our local storage in Princeton NJ assist you in preparing for the upcoming school year? Providing the extra space you could benefit from, your seasonal gear will be completely safe and secure until it is needed next. Additionally, we have valuable tips for around the house that will help you and your kids get ready for the new upcoming year. Continue reading to see several ways our local self storage units help with the back to school phase.

Arrangements For Your Home

Coordinating your family’s schedule and planning out weekly meals is all a part of the back to school responsibilities. Become organized in a hurry with these beneficial tips.

  1. Post a daily routine illustrated checklist of a morning and bedtime schedule for your young kids on their bedroom wall.
  2. Having a command center for all of the family members to use, helps everyone stay organized. You will have knowledge of what everyone’s after school activities are, chores, groceries needed and weekly meals.
  3. Create a exciting homework station somewhere your children can concentrate. This can be accomplished by designing a trifold board or building a pop-down table in their bedroom.
  4. Keep all of the school supplies you have at home very close to the homework station. You can store all the supplies like pencils, pens, crayons, markers, glue and more in a supply caddy.
  5. Plan out and even start preparing your weekly meals before the week even starts. Doing this will save you time and money during a busy work and school week.

Explore more tips to help organize your home here!

Local Storage Princeton NJ

Storing Instructions For Outdoor Equipment

  1. Utilize our large storage units for storing your canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. Doing this will protect these items from damage due to harsh weather conditions.
  2. Prepare yourself to do a little maintenance on your lawn care items before the winter comes. (1) Fill the gas to full and add in a fuel additive. (2) Completely fill tires with air. (3) Change the oil after your last usage of the season.
  3. Pack and organize all of your camping materials into clear boxes or containers. Label the outside of the boxes and containers with the contents within.
  4. Give your tents and sleeping bags time to air out after your last use.
  5. When it is time to put your bikes away for the season here is some advice. (1) Clean the bike of all dirt and debris. (2) Lube the chain and all the cables. (3) Fill the tires with air to prevent flat spots.

Rent or reserve a storage unit for your seasonal items online today!

Princeton Self Storage is the local storage preference for the back to school season! Our selection of indoor and outdoor storage units can be the resolution to storing your seasonal equipment. Despite the entertaining summer being over, move your possessions into local storage in Princeton NJ, with who you trust at Princeton Self Storage.

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