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Self Storage Tips: Storing for Cooler Weather

The college students head back for another semester, the kids go back to school, what do you need help with for the end of summer? Princeton Self Storage is planning for cooler weather with easy self storage tips for cooler weather. The storage solutions at our Princeton NJ storage facility make the transition to fall that much more enjoyable.

Fall preparations with self storage tips from the professionals

self storage tips Princeton NJ

  • Storing pool toys? This equipment is important to leave out to dry before storing. Moisture in a storage unit can cause unwanted problems like mold or mildew. DampRid products are helpful to fight against this issue, but dry items are key.
  • Our large drive up units can be a solution for businesses in need of space. If your work requires more outdoor tasks, use our storage unit as a workshop for spare tools; businesses based in offices, find their needs answered for documents and office supplies.
  • The end of summer is the calm before the storm for many industries; small business owner are preparing for a busy holiday season and indoor storage can be helpful for extra products.
  • Bundle up for the winter and store your flip flops, tank tops, and shorts. Loosely fold these items to avoid deep creases and hang any professional wear.
  • Your summer cookout supplies should be moved to storage but before they are, clean food and dirt.
  • Use vinegar for cooking equipment. Place a container of vinegar and water in the grill, turn the grill on, let it steam, then wipe away leftover food.

When you are looking for a storage unit in Princeton NJ, our experts at Princeton Self Storage will guide you in the right direction. We have self storage tips for your car, clothes, and even your business. Let us show you how benficial a storage rental can be!

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