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Where to recycle in Princeton, NJ

Are you prepared for the approaching cooler weather? You and your gear will be ready for fall with Princeton Self Storage. Whether you are moving back to school and need short term storage or organizing the house, you can save space and help your community by recycling. Find the best locations to recycle for all your belongings with the guide below

recycle Princeton NJ

Reduce, reuse and recycle all your summer gear you do not want anymore. Did the summer tools break or the kids out grow their clothing? Both are recyclable! Not only will help our community but you are staying environmentally friendly. Our pubic storage options in Princeton, NJ are ideal for families and students. See how to stay organized while storing.

Furniture does not have to go to waste. Donate to a friend or family member or call Habitat for Humanity to schedule a pick up time.They focus on moving slightly used materials to people in need.

Gently used books can be donated to a nearby library or school. Divide books you have already read by age group and give them to students who can benefit from new books.

Contact your cell phone provider for recycling programs they offer. Also reach out to your municipality office for regulations on curbside pickup. Their services may include e-waste and yard trimmings.

Since you may have upgraded to a new computer or cellphone this summer, and donate the past computer to a Best Buy or tech support team near you.

Princeton Self Storage offers convenient storage tips and temperature controlled self storage for all your items. Stop in to speak with our experts about more ways to recycle and organize for cooler weather. We keep our cost of storage low so you can worry less when storing your valuables! Find your next unit at our convenient location.

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